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PSTH, a Delaware entity, is a newly created blank check firm established for the intent of completing a transaction, capital market swap, asset acquisition, equity transaction, reorganization, or related business combination with a private party. The Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P. (“PSCM”) funds hold 100% of PSTH’s sponsor.


PSTH’s Chairman and CEO are Bill Ackman. To achieve PSTH’s corporate goal, he will collaborate closely with the PSCM investment team and other PSCM employees. Mr. Ackman has been in the investment banking sector for 28 years, the past 16 as the CEO of PSCM.


NYST PSTH WS at has not yet decided on a clear goal for a company mix. PSTH plans to seek mergers with corporate, high-quality, high-capitalization development firms. PSTH would rely on PSCM’s extensive background in defining, assessing, and evaluating a target company’scompany’s market quality and long-term strategic advantages, as well as PSCM’s due diligence and negotiating skills, to complete the deal. PSTH would look for targets in four categories:

        High-quality IPO prospects

        Mature unicorns

        Private equity portfolio firms

        Family-owned businesses

PSTH argues that its unusual structure and ability to buy a minority stake in a corporation would make it easier to close a deal on favorable terms.

Company Planning


Our corporate goal is to find and close a business merger that can provide significant long-term benefits to our stockholders. We intend to combine with another corporation in a merger in which our stockholders (before the initial corporate combination) would own a minority stake in the new company.


We would look for target businesses that exhibit the qualities mentioned under “Our Acquisition Criteria” below. We believe that our Investment Team’sTeam organizational, financial, and transaction expertise through economic cycles and our comprehensive knowledge of the equity and debt capital markets would allow us to find and analyze possible opportunities for our initial business combination effectively and efficiently.


We would look at businesses in various sectors. Still, in general, we want to buy an easy, high-quality, high-return-on-capital company that produces predictable, increasing cash flows that can be estimated within an acceptable range over time. Targets with low vulnerability to macroeconomic conditions, reduced product exposure, and cyclical risk would be preferred. We can consider a high level of situational, legal, and capital structure uncertainty in a business combination if the opportunity for profit warrants it, particularly if these problems can be overcome in conjunction with and as a consequence of a combination with us.


A Word of Caution On Forward-Looking Statements

This press release does not represent a constitute selling of these bonds in any state or territory where such an offer, solicitation, or sale would be illegal application for registration or certification under the regulatory requirements of that state or jurisdiction. Just a prospectus was used to make the bid. Before investing, you can find more stocks like amex zom which you can check at


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