Touching Up Cheap Furniture

If you’re really looking to furnish a new place on a budget, why not look at touching up cheap furniture to make it unique and stand out from the usual?

Probably the most common way of sprucing up any kind of cheap furniture is to get into the art of decoupage. This allows you to take images that you like and varnish them onto any piece of furniture you have. Admittedly, this is very popular amongst the older generation, but decoupaging your ratty, old furniture is, like knitting, becoming more and more popular amongst the younger generation. cheap furniture uk 

The chances are that you already have everything you need to decoupage your cheap furniture. A tin of varnish or decoupage glue, a few magazines (the cheaper the paper the better) and a pair of scissors is all you really need to get going. If you want to take it to the next level, stencils and gold or silver leaf can be added for extra class. Even more pedestrian paper goods like newspaper or the phone book can be used in decoupage.

Another way to create a unique look from your cheap furniture is to whittle. This technique is often used badly in distressed housing beams. Done well, this is something akin to tattooing your furniture. Create a design, and stencil it onto a table or other piece of budget furniture then use some kind of drilling tool, such as a multitool or small drill to create a relief of the pattern. This will only work with solid wood, and not with veneered products.

Finally, getting into upholstery is a great way to spruce up cheap furniture. Once you learn the relatively simple art of replacing covers, you can buy material at a fraction of the price of buying a new sofa and replace it as regularly as you like. Failing that most dry cleaners will have lists of local upholsterers that you can get quotes from.

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