CPAP Pillow For Sleep Apnea

A CPAP pillow is designed to help the person with sleep apnea maintain a proper position as an aide to sleeping. Using proper position will help to increase the rate of effectiveness of the ventilation system being used. There are different designs to a these pillows they can be made with cut out portions or with contours or they can be on four padded legs. These CPAP pillows can be used no matter what position the person sleep in. Buying a CPAP without Prescription

A CPAP pillow is also used to help with the placement of CPAP tubes and masks while person is asleep and will help with possible skin breakdown from leaning on the tubing. This pillow will not only be helping with the correct positioning of the airway but it will also serve as an assisted device in the position of the spine and the neck.

The pillow will help with keeping the persons body in the best position for breathing to be more effective. The most common use for a CPAP pillow is to act as an additional measure to a CPAP machine. to help the machine work in the most efficient manner. This pillow will be made with a hypoallergenic filling in order to reduce the possibility of dust and dander to the person with breathing problems.

It is best to check the label before buying a CPAP pillow so you will have the information on how to maintain it.
The letter CPAP stand for continuous positive airway pressure. People who have sleep apnea will stop breathing while sleeping. Sometimes for just a few seconds and sometimes for long minutes at a time. This can be a serious condition as the lungs are not getting enough oxygen.

These Pillows can be made with different amounts of stuffing so it would be important to look at one and handle it before buying to make sure it was going to suit the needs of the person who is suffering from sleep apnea. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to pillows. Some people enjoy a firmer pillow while others need a soft stuffed pillow to get a good nights sleep. Your best bet is to test the Pillow before hand, or as this is not always an option make sure you read up some reviews on the particular CPAP Pillow that you are interested in.

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