Essential Laboratory Design Features

Whether you’re in the educational sector, industrial, healthcare, or even pharmaceutical industry, a laboratory is going to be an important tool to achieve an end result. Considering that efficiency and cleanliness are two major parts of working in a laboratory, the laboratory design is essential for successful projects, experiments, and research design studies. If you have a current laboratory design now or you are just starting to think about creating your home lab, there are some important pieces of the design and furniture that you’ll need to be sure to include.

Laboratory Workstations services

Already probably full aware that you need to invest in quality workstations for your laboratory design, chances are that you’ve given some thought as to how many that you need and the placement of the workstations. However, the quality of the material that’s used for the lab stations also matters as this relates very much not only to cleanliness but also to durability and safety.

Perhaps the best material to work with for your laboratory design is epoxy. Epoxy countertops that go over the top of lab stations are not only the most popular, but they’re also the safest. A workstation that’s made of this material will be both chemical and heat resistant because of the specialty resin that’s used on epoxy countertops. In fact, it’s also the most cost-effective choice for lab stations. Some people dislike epoxy because of it’s natural green color that seems almost bland, but the majority of suppliers of laboratory design equipment should be able to provide epoxy colors, such as blue, red, or even tan for an added effect.

Laboratory Fume Hoods

One of the requirements of building a scientific or research laboratory is the ability to remove leftover chemical residues or gases from the air after their used. This not only makes sense, but is often mandatory through laws and regulations. Adding fume hoods to your overall laboratory design is an important aspect to think about then, and there are all sorts of ways that they can be incorporated.

Many laboratory suppliers build complete fume hood solutions that integrate storage and work surfaces so that you’ll have a built-in solution when working with chemicals and other flammable materials. In addition, there are a variety of styles and designs that usually go along with choosing fume hoods or a completely integrated solution, such as those that have canopy or demonstration hoods as well as different sash types.

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