How to Make a Website in 4 Steps

Lots of businesses want to get seen online and they all need their own website in order to accomplish this task. However, sometimes it can be confusing and frustrating especially when you start to read all of the information online about how to make a website.

Let’s go through some very basic (and easy) steps together.

You’ll need your own domain name. This is nothing more than the name you want to give your own website and it will be where you eventually send customers to find out more information about you, your company, or your products. Domain names have yearly registrations. This means that you pay a nominal fee each year in order to own the website address that you choose.

Next, you’ll need a web hosting account. Web hosting companies provide you the space you need on their computers (called servers) which connect to the Internet. Whenever you visit any website at all, you are actually visiting the location on a web hosting companies computer that the site owner has chosen to use. In order for your site visitors to see the information you want them to see on your website, you need to use a web hosting account. These kinds of accounts are usually billed monthly although you can choose to pay in advance which typically reduces your overall monthly cost. e poe tegemine

Point your domain name. If you’ve registered a website address at a different location than you purchased your web hosting account, you’ll need to tell your domain name company where that web hosting account is located. This is done by using what’s called “nameservers”. It’s a special address that you will typically receive with your new web hosting account. It is these nameservers that you’ll need to give to your domain name company so that they know where to send people who come to your new website address.

Choose your site type. You can either choose to create a simple static site or use a blog as the basis of your entire web-site design. Many people who are new at creating websites do choose to use a blog simply because it’s so easy to install and use. Others however, choose a static website which means that they create web pages that don’t allow for interactivity. A blog for example, let’s people comment on blog posts while a static site usually just relays basic information.


    • Creating a static website. This kind of site requires some basic knowledge of HTML code since you’ll need to make updates to the design. You can use a free web page editor called Kompozer to edit your web pages and you can find plenty of free web-site templates online to use by performing a simple search within your favorite search engines.


  • Using a blog. If you instead want to use a blog, most web hosting companies offer a quick “do-it-yourself” install. Using a program called Fantastico inside most web hosting companies control panel, you can put in the details of your blog and the web hosting company will automatically install it for you with a few clicks of your mouse.


These are some very quick steps that will get you a site up and running online quickly. While it may require a bit of a learning curve, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to update your website quickly and easily.

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